Thank you to everyone who has worked with us over the past year. We appreciate your trust and support! Here are a few testimonials from recent projects.


I had the pleasure of being booked by D3 & Sarah to perform at the 2022 Hip Hop History Month event at Leeds Museum and it was a great experience! I’ve also been invited on their radio show ‘Loudspeaker’ and the team are always bursting with creativity, charisma and professionalism, providing great opportunities and memorable experiences for Northern creative and audiences alike!

Weezy Jefferson, Hop Artist & Music Producer

It’s been a pleasure to work with Sarah and D3. Their passion for community voice really comes through. They’re a great example of a community organisation that balances a professional approach without losing the authenticity of their creativity

Esther Amis-Hughes

Hove Community Engagement Officer, Leeds City Museum

Always a joy to work with, hardworking, with a keen eye for details. There’s never a dull moment with Sarah and Denetta. Their events are well planned, and you are always kept up to date with scheduling etc.

Stephen Lynch aka DJ Agent M

Sam Kirk and I were invited to Loudspeaker, hosted by the fabulous Denetta Copeland – D3 and Sarah Autumn. The theme was Racism and Anti Racism.  The venue was Chapel Arts FM in Seacroft, East Leeds. It is a gorgeous venue;  a re-furbished and well equipped old Chapel in the heart of Seacroft.

The evening gave us poets, rappers, musicians and more and was just wonderful.

Sam and I spoke about being active members of Leeds Stand Up To Racism and gave anecdotes of our work and also a history of what anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigns have achieved in this country since the 1930s.  We felt very welcome and well received.

Denetta and Sarah are such brilliant hosts;  they just bloom and blossom as their set goes on.  They are witty and warm and I love every one of their shows as they cover every aspect of life of today and history by celebrating talent and resisting oppression.

Liz Kitching, Leeds Stand Up To Racism

The Hip Hop Historian Society have had great pleasure In collaborating with BTL, delivering workshops of high standards and great competency. The work delivered was executed professionally Leaving participants fully informed and feeling satisfied with their learning experience. The community event consists of Workshops, health and well-being Q&A panels, live performances and arts and attracts between 1,500 to 3,000 participants.

King Monk – King Monk Studio and The Hip Hop Historian Society

A great day for both Hip-Hop music and the local community. Showcasing heaps of talent and good energy. Presenting a positive example to young people and old. I look forward to future events! 

Oliver Rees, Hip Hop & Jazz artist

It’s been an amazing journey working with Sarah and Denetta. I’ve been invited to participate in so many events thanks to them both. It’s been very encouraging to see strong women empowering other women and I’ve been welcomed and supported in a community I didnt even know existed.

It’s a pleasure to watch Sarah and Denetta on stage. Their stage presence and ability to engage with their audience has helped me on my own journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and encouragement.

Chubby Chubbsta, Hip Hop artist

Social Enterprise UK Certified Member
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