Touchstone: Lincoln Green Share Space

CLAY: Centre For Live Art Yorkshire, 2 Regent St, Leeds LS2 7QA

Lincoln Green Share Space is a community project by Touchstone, Leeds. It’s a safe space where members of the Lincoln Green community can come together, discuss community projects, build relationships, share stories and learn new skills.

Rory Wells on Lincoln Green Share Space

Asset-based community development, put very simply, is a bottom-up approach to working with communities that starts from a place that celebrates the strengths and assets communities have to draw from rather than starting from a point of focusing on what is wrong in communities and needs fixing. Asset-based community development draws upon existing community bonds to build stronger, more sustainable communities for the future.

Touchstone: Asset-Based Community Development

Asset Mapping session at the Lincoln green Share Space

People and Projects

There’s a lot of really skilled, gifted and talented people in a really small area. So one of the things we’re looking to do is mobilise the skills, gifts and talents of people in the area to make the changes they want to see.”

Rory Wells, Touchstone

Sam Havis

Rob Knowles

Kurdish House Leeds

Kurdish House Leeds is made up of and supports the Kurdish Community across Leeds. They’re a cultural organisation who are outward facing. They connect and engage with the wider community and the environment. One of their fantastic initiatives has been to protect and maintain the environment by holding group litter picking sessions.

Rebwar Sharazure came along to the Lincoln Green Share Space to share stories and learn more about the project. Kurdish house have since been awarded community funding to purchase new litter pickers. They’ve been put to good use on the streets of Lincoln Green already!

“The environment is a home for everyone and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect this home.

Today, the environmental group of Kurdish house in Leeds cleaned the Lincoln Green area. We managed to collect 24 bags of waste around the area.

Protecting the environment is our duty and pride. The environmental groups’ aim is to provide cleaner surroundings to the people of Leeds.”

Kurdish House Leeds

Home From Home with Chapel FM

Henry Raby from Chapel FM joined one of the Share Space sessions and interviewed some of the participants as part of the Chapel FM Home from Home series.You can listen to the show and whole series here. Home From Home – Chapel FM

Future Workshops

The Lincoln Green Share Space will continue to run from September providing a safe space for the community at CLAY: Centre For Live Art Yorkshire, 2 Regent St, Leeds LS2 7QA.

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