Creative for the climate

Join Spoken Word Artist D3 and Climate Activist Sarah Autumn for a series of family friendly climate writing workshops.

Developed in partnership with Leeds Inspired with key stage one and two children in mind, these workshops will provide children with important and factual age appropriate information about climate change and creative writing building blocks to help them process and respond to the information.

A healthy mix of fun and fact, the children will leave feeling more informed and empowered about their role in the climate crisis as well as with a new toolkit of creative skills which they can use for life

This two hour session will include a very brief climate talk, three writing exercises and space to create a piece of poetry. We also allow time for children to to perform their poetry if they want to.

Not only will the children get to share their thoughts and feelings about climate change on the day but we’ll capture some of their words and sounds to create a collective piece of poetry and podcast at a later date.

A few notes for the day

*Both workshop facilitators are DBS certified and have extensive experience developing and delivering workshops for a wide variety of groups.

*We understand that every child has different ways of learning and different comfort levels sharing their work. When creating our workshops we develop multiple versions of the workshop so that children of all age and ability can access it at their own pace.

*We chose to host the workshops at the Leeds City Museum as it is a central and accessible space for children of all ages. We know that many families visit the city museum during the school holidays and wanted you to be able to tag this workshop onto a trip for a really fun family friendly day out.

*We may take photos or audio recordings on the day but never without permission of the accompanying parent.

Spoken Word Artist D3 will provide attendees with Creative Writing Building blocks.
Climate activist Sarah Autumn will share brief and age appropriate information about climate change using child friendly materials.

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