23 Poems That Changed The World

Week Two – 16th February 2023 – 6.30-8.30pm – Leftbank Leeds

Join us for the poetry group at Leftbank Leeds starting in February. Just a few places left!

More about the group:

23 Poems That Changed The World‘ is an exploration of the power and possibility of poetry. Together, we will analyse poems and poets, their meaning and their impact in a bi-weekly poetry group. The group members will co-create the poetry programme throughout the year.

Your hosts

The meet-ups

This is an informal poetry discussion group which will evolve throughout the year. We have and will continue to run creative writing workshops. However, our work on the radio show and live poetry events has taught us that analysis and discussion of poetry can be incredibly valuable in and of itself for poets, aspiring poets and poetry lovers alike. So we wanted to hold space and time for that which brought us to this group.

How to participate

Some group members may be inspired to create art in response to the poetry. Others will choose to join in with the discussion, and bring questions and comments. Some may prefer to listen to the readings and discussion. You can participate at whatever level you’re comfortable with. All you need to do is come along.

The poems

The group will select poems together throughout the year and we encourage suggestions! We’ve received several suggestions from the group so far and will discuss these at the next meet up.

This week we’re discussing ‘Hold It Down’ by Gina Myers. Access it below with the password. You will receive the password once you book your ticket on eventbrite.


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